Bio Ben

What is BioBen®?

The most advanced microbial drain, septic, and grease trap treatment available. It is comprised of naturally occurring strains of live, vegetative bacterial cultures with an exceptional appetite for organic matter.

Why is BioBen® superior  to  other  microbial  drain  line  and  collection system inoculants on the market?

1)EPA LETTER OF RECOGNITION - BioBen® has met the EPA’s DfE challenge for biological drain line and septic system products by demonstrating a more positive human health and environmental profile.

2)FAST  ACTING - BioBen® begins  working  immediately  when  introduced  in  a drain  line  or  collection  system.    These  friendly  bacterial  cultures  do  not require a wake up period as with other microbial products.

3)EASE - BioBen® is easy to use and a simple pour and go. No pre-mixing,   the convenient drain back bottle cap measurer is used to add the correct amount of treatment to the drain line or collection system.

4)VALUE - BioBen® requires onehalf capful per treatment. Onehalf capful has more activity than 5 capfuls of other bio-products.

5)P-Friendly – BioBen® is  safe  for  people,  pipes  and  the  planet. BioBen® contains no toxic chemicals or additives.  BioBen® is safe and preferred. That’s because it’s naturally occurring, biodegradable, and pathogen free.

BioBen® is a patented microbial drain and septic treatment.

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